The eagle has landed

Read Part 1: Life in the Fast Lane or: How a Mild-Mannered Asian Dude Got His Hands on a Camaro

Just took possession of the Camaro. Some quick impressions from the couple minutes I drove it before needing to get back to work…

  • Beautiful car up close. Nice lines. Victory Red = good.
  • Interior is well done. Nice leather seats and stitching in the SS. Fit and finish is pretty good (the plastic/rubber parts — dashboard, gearshift housing, etc. — are not quite as nice as my 2003 Acura TL-S’s, but nice nonetheless). Beautiful red lighting on the instrument panel.
  • It’s definitely built for people larger than your average Asian dude. I needed to lower the steering wheel and when I did, it partially blocked my view of the speedometer and tachometer (which wouldn’t happen to a taller person). Not a huge deal, though. Of course, the back seats are made for tiny, tiny people.
  • As automotive ads like to say, it has “ample power”. I couldn’t really let loose on the stretch of Mathilda around my office (45 mph speed limit), but I did get it up to 56 really easily, and it gets off the line quite well. Definitely puts you back in your seat…and I didn’t even really rev it that much. Good purr/growl.
  • I love that in addition to the analog speedometer, there’s a digital speed readout right in the center of the instrument panel. Just so you know, I suppose.
  • Good brakes and turn radius. Didn’t get a chance to corner at high speeds yet.

More to come…

Read Part 3: Ridin’ along in my automobile…



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4 responses to “The eagle has landed

  1. Matt Martin

    How exciting! Congrats! I know we haven’t caught up in a while, but you should know I’m the proud owner of a new Dodge Ram 1500 truck, complete with 5.7 liter Hemi engine, and after-market 34″ Tires.

    I think I accidentally drove over the top of a Camaro last week,….I still feel a little bad,…..

    • san mateo pete

      Well, well, the prodigal data-driven former colleague returns. Good to hear from you! You should really pick up when I call you. But I’ll take it offline, lest this comment become a little weird for other people to read.

      Hemi…nice! 34″ tires…spectacular! Does a truck purchase mean you’re getting Malamutes again? Or are you just flexing your aging muscles?

      • Matt Martin

        Let the record show that acting out via a new Dodge Ram still carries semblance of utility as the truck bed houses, hauls, and supports the loads and errands of life.

        The Camaro, however, is a classic mistake-boyfriend ride. However there is a certain liberation to act like a public tool that keys to such a car will bring. Might I suggest the top 10 tool behaviors that are on-brand, and worth experimentation during your Camaro weekend.

        10. Remember to screech your tires as you accelerate into your next spot in the drive through line.
        9. Borrow money from friends this weekend.
        8. In all forms of dialogue, use the “that’s what she said,” suffix as your trump card,….
        7. Every now and then, pat a woman on the behind
        6. When vying for someones attention in public, simply blurt out, “Hey!, Hey BUDDY!,”…
        5. Park the car on the grass of your front lawn.
        4. Wear a mesh tank top
        3. Drink Red Bull
        2. Tell people about your weekend like this, “dude, I got wasted,….dude?,…..did you get wasted?”
        1. Put the engine into neutral and rev it gratuitously while sitting idle at red lights.

        • san mateo pete

          Thank you for your thorough, thoughtful blasting of hard-working middle America. You blew the order, though…the mesh tank top definitely shoulda been #1.

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