Top 10 ways to quit your job with flair

From Steven Slater to Jenny DryErase, quitting your job with a little drama is all the rage these days. Okay, so Jenny DryErase was a hoax, but you get the picture. If you’re too worried about finding your next job to think of great ways to leave your current one with some élan, here are some ideas…

10. put all of your clothes in the box with your other personal effects and streak out
9. disappear in a puff of smoke and dramatic music like a two-bit magician
8. hold a press conference on ESPN and donate the advertising proceeds to the Boys & Girls Club
7. send a Gorilla Gram to your boss
6. pretend you’re Mr. Burns or T. Herman Zweibel and pen a bizarre, yet charming, old-timey resignation letter and leak it to the press
5. stripper variant of #10: during your last shift, slowly put clothes on
4. make a life-size replica of yourself out of cake, sit it at your desk, and blow it up (fringe benefit: your co-workers don’t have to buy a cake for the farewell party)
3. take off wearing a jetpack (I really, really like jetpacks)
2. hang a big “Mission Accomplished” banner in your office/cube (you’d have to keep working, though)
1. leave the building doing the worm


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