Life in the Fast Lane or: How a Mild-Mannered Asian Dude Got His Hands on a Camaro

Katie O’Neill, PR exec extraordinaire at Weber Shandwick, has hooked me up with a 2010 Chevy Camaro 2SS for a week, as part of a GM program to get people to try out and talk about their cars. Yippee!

You may be wondering, “Peter in an All-American muscle car?” What can I tell you? I don’t pass up chances to drive cars with 400-hp V8 powerplants. I may be mild-mannered, but I’m not stupid. And I’m very curious to see how the Camaro performs in facets other than straight-line acceleration. I’ve heard good things about the latest generation and love the way it looks…now is my chance to take a spin in something I’ve never even remotely considered buying. (Side note: I’ve always said that the only American car I’d ever buy is the Corvette. Test driving its little brother — with essentially the same engine, btw — ain’t too shabby.) Win-win situation for me and GM.

I get the car next week and will do my best to post my impressions each day. Should be a blast. I hope I don’t get any speeding tickets.

My buddy Jim suggests I put together a Camaro playlist to enhance/commemorate the experience. Would love any recommendations you have. Skynyrd, Bon Jovi, …

My only regret is not being able to grow a mullet in time.

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4 responses to “Life in the Fast Lane or: How a Mild-Mannered Asian Dude Got His Hands on a Camaro

  1. Jim M

    Question: Was blogging about your experience part of the criteria for getting the car for the week?

    Let me throw out a few suggestions for your Camaro playlist (in no particular order):

    AC/DC – Highway to Hell
    Sammy Hagar – I can’t drive 55
    2Pac/Dr Dre – California Love
    Dead Milkmen – Bitchin’ Camaro (naturally)
    Don McLean – American Pie
    Rascal Flatts (Tom Cochrane) – Life is a Highway (Quinn’s request)
    Chamillionaire – Ridin’
    Rage Against the Machine – F*** Tha Police

    P.S. If you can’t grow a mullet quickly, just cut your front bangs shorter. Go for the proper front/back ratio.

    • san mateo pete

      Thanks for the suggestions, Jim. I actually know half of the songs you listed!

      You’ll have to forgive me for ignoring your hair suggestion.

      The fact that I blog may have been a factor in my selection, but it isn’t a requirement…I am under no obligation to blog about this experience.

  2. tao

    Who are those bands above? Forget them, the Beach Boys, who actually wrote more car songs than any other band in history. Come on all, lets really get with it…………..

    • san mateo pete

      As it turns out, Terry, the songs I had readily available are more in line with your suggestion than Jim’s. Here’s what I ended up with:

      CCR – Born on the Bayou, Penthouse Pauper, Fortunate Son
      The Beach Boys – 409, Little Deuce Coupe, I Get Around
      Chuck Berry – Maybellene, Johnny B. Goode, No Particular Place To Go
      War – Low Rider
      A3 – Woke Up This Morning
      Rascal Flatts – Life Is a Highway

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