Top 10 ways to make the best of the BP oil spill

There’s a lot of talk about how to stop the BP oil spill off the coast of Louisiana — but little confidence that any of the solutions will actually work. So maybe we just let it go, set it on fire, and reap the benefits…

10. great data point for global warming studies
9. free winter heat for New Orleans
8. totally extreme water skiing course
7. warm glow will help pelicans clean the oil off their feathers all night
6. “World’s Largest Grease Fire” tourist trap cash cow
5. Evel Knievel comeback!
4. toss in a bunch of fireworks and it’ll be the greatest 4th of July ever
3. fiery deterrent to illegal immigration
2. an eternal flame honoring the oil industry’s commitment to vigilance
1. 24/7 shrimp boil!


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