The Super Bowl is not gay!

CBS has recently rejected a TV spot submitted by a gay dating website for this year’s Super Bowl. The spot, which shows two men kissing while watching the game, was deemed “not within the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday”.

CBS is a private enterprise and can choose to run whatever ads it wants. But really, does rejecting this ad for the Super Bowl make sense? During the Super Bowl…

  • 11 men on each team huddle closely together before every play
  • players regularly pat each other on the butt, in many cases for no good reason
  • the quarterback stands behind a bent-over center, hands touching his buttcrack, waiting for a ball to come through his legs
  • there’s a lavish, high-production musical number during half-time (which is constantly being advertised on CBS)

No, the things I listed above are not gay. They are also not offensive and won’t “make people gay”. Which also happens to be true of the spot CBS rejected.


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One response to “The Super Bowl is not gay!

  1. Tom

    Yeah. And neither is professional wrestling!

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