Modest extremism

There are two popular “extreme adventures” that I will never voluntarily and intentionally do: skydive and run with the bulls in Pamplona. There are other nutty, risky things I’d consider doing (mountain climbing, racing cars, even riding a bull), but these two are different from all the others in one very important aspect: the fundamental — and almost sole — goal is not to die. That’s it. Sure, skydiving and running with the bulls may offer other goals/pleasures, but the overwhelming purpose/drive/directive is not to end up in a body bag. That doesn’t appeal to me.

No, my two “extreme goals” are much more modest and safe. But still awesome.

  • Eat an all-yolk omelette. You know how people eat all-white omelettes for health reasons? This is the opposite. Thick, rich, and brilliantly yellow.
  • Watch more than 24 hours of TV programming in one day. Since every hour of TV contains about 15 minutes of commercials, through the magic of DVRs, I figure I can watch well over 30 hours of programming in one day if I’m really diligent. Even more if I can put a TV in the bathroom.

Keep an eye out for updates.



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5 responses to “Modest extremism

  1. I expect videos of these challenges. Time lapse on the TV watching please. Also, maybe you can watch two TVs at same time to cram more than 2 days in one.

    • san mateo pete

      You Mon,

      Your two-TV idea is inspiring, but could push me over the edge. I’ll have to think about that one.

      If Mary lets you, would you like to join me on these adventures?


  2. Peter– when is the 24 hour tv binge happening? That I’d like to hear about…

    • san mateo pete


      Good to hear from you! Not sure the binge will happen any time soon, but you’ll definitely hear about it here when it does.

      Most likely, it will involve the following shows (among others):
      – Law & Order
      – The Golden Girls
      – The Real Housewives of Orange County
      – The Real Housewives of New York City
      – Saved by the Bell
      – Seinfeld
      – The Simpsons
      – Three’s Company
      – The Hills


  3. laura

    I just read what you wrote about skydiving and you have no idea what you’re talking about. If you never jumped you cannot know what is the fundamental goal of the sport. “Not to die” is just the risk you take, and is not much bigger than driving a motorbike, but in any case is not the main goal. Every skydiver has its own goal, and for me is to fly through the sky using my body, being completaly free. So, if the sport is not intersting for you or if you’re too scared to do it, don’t do it, there’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t talk about what you don’t know.

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