Human bed warmers: awesome or crazy?

Holiday Inn is experimenting with a free guest service in two of its hotels in London and Manchester: human bed warmers. Rather than installing heating elements in the beds or supplying other non-sentient warming devices, upon your request, they’ll send up an employee wearing an “all-in-one sleeper suit” (Snuggie?) to hang out in your bed for a five-minute “bed warming session”. Wow! I can’t decide if that’s brilliant or creepy. At first glance, the needle points more to the creepy side. In any case, here are some questions to ponder…

  • Can you choose the person you want to warm up your bed? The gender, at least?
  • If you’re lonely, will the warmer stay longer?
  • Do the warmers chat you up? Or do they follow Academy Award seat-filler protocol?
  • Is there employee training or do they just wing it?
  • If there are two of you, will they send up two warmers? Or will one warmer just roll around a lot?
  • What if Robert Downey, Jr. appears in your bed?
  • Can you ask for a dog, instead?
  • Do you get a new room if the warmer farts in your bed?

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One response to “Human bed warmers: awesome or crazy?

  1. Very funny take on this funny concept. I want photos! I also want to know when it will come to a Holiday Inn near me! Thanks for sharing!

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