The football trifecta

Football season brings so many simple pleasures. Cooler weather. Tailgates. Eating a Mr. Pickle’s Tony Soprano sandwich during the afternoon game. Watching 8 games simultaneously on NFL Sunday Ticket.

The greatest regular season treat, though, is having a “3-0 weekend”: your college, NFL, and fantasy teams all winning in the same weekend. This is particularly special and rare for me because my NFL team is the currently hapless Raiders. I don’t believe I had any 3-0 weekends in 2008 and I’m lucky to get more than a couple in any given season. Such weekends make me much, much happier than they really should in the grand scheme of things. But what can I say? There’s nothing like being able to trash talk on all fronts. There’s nothing like knowing your parents paid for you to go to the right school, you randomly chose the right NFL team to follow when you were 9 years old, and you were smart enough to draft the right combination of players for one of them to carry you when most of the rest are stinking it up.

Thanks to (1) Jahvid Best and some timely passing by Kevin Riley, (2) a really sucky Chiefs team that lost despite a horrendous performance by Jamarcus, and (3) Chris Johnson going bonkers in a loss to the Texans in a game I wouldn’t have cared about otherwise, I just pulled off a 3-0 weekend! Hurray! Go Bears! Go Raiders! Go Mediocre Presidents!



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2 responses to “The football trifecta

  1. nizar

    3-0 for me this past weekend too (4-0 ’cause I’ll root for the Raiders too, along with the Niners)

    So you shelled out for the NFL ticket? It sucks being in Chicago Bears territory and not getting the Bay Area teams that often. I’d rather get the ESPN gameplan, tho, to get to see Cal this weekend. I’m getting the exciting Illinois/Ohio State game on ABC instead.

  2. pnguyen74

    Good to hear from you, Nizar! Yes, can’t live without Sunday Ticket, especially now that our Sundays are all about hanging out with the little one. I believe this is our 4th or 5th year with Sunday Ticket.

    I’m sure you can find all the Cal games online somewhere. But if you can’t, my reviews of each game are the next best thing, right?

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