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Every time I read Fitzgerald, I want to write. Every time I read Hemingway, I want to be a writer.

At the very least, san mateo pete is my (very) humble, undisciplined, but well-intentioned attempt to reach for the masters (random posts about hot dog condiments notwithstanding).


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32 dogs

Like most normal people, I’ve been eating hot dogs for a long time. And for the last ~20 years, I’ve put the exact same condiments on my hot dog: ketchup & onions. Sure, there’s been the occasional Chicago-style dog, the cheese dog, the chili cheese dog, the bacon dog, etc. But my go-to dog is always ketchup & onions.

In these last 20 years, across baseball stadiums, picnics, barbecues, cafeterias, and other hot dog meccas, I’ve come across exactly read more


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Holiday wrap up

The tree and decorations are put away, the leftovers are (mostly) gone, and the Christmas music is silenced (for 6 months). Another holiday season in the books. A few parting thoughts for some holiday closure…
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Entering the 21st century

It had to happen at some point. After jumping on the Facebook and Twitter bandwagons a bit late (and, admittedly, only to promote san mateo pete), I’m finally a full-fledged participant of the 21st century: I have a touchscreen device. This morning, my wife and daughter thoroughly surprised me with an iPad, which I’m using to write this very post. It’s a very impressive device on many fronts, especially for someone like me, whose first email application was Pine 18 years ago. Good Lord, we’ve come a long way in 18 years. Before I start sounding too much like Grumpy Old Man, let me move on to my initial thoughts about the iPad…
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More great lines from The Color of Money

Just watched The Color of Money again (like I said in my previous post, I can’t turn it off) and was reminded of a few more great lines…

  • “If you’re too old to cut the mustard, you can still lick the jar, right?” (Carmen to Eddie about him being an old-timer)
  • “I can’t take this guy’s money — he’s got a hole in his throat.” (Vincent to Eddie and Carmen about beating a guy with a tracheotomy)
  • “What did they do, saw the legs off this thing? It’s a table for dwarfs or something.” (Eddie to Vincent regarding an unusually low table)

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Two ends of the meat spectrum

A few weeks ago, the missus and I were in Sonoma to pick up some wine. The wineries we hit are all near Healdsburg, so we decided to stop there for lunch. We ate at Dry Creek Kitchen, Charlie Palmer’s California outpost. We’ve been big fans of Charlie’s ever since we tasted his wine pairing offerings at a Mauretson Dry Creek Passport event. Molly had already been to Dry Creek Kitchen and raved about it, so when the opportunity arose for both of us to have a meal there, we couldn’t pass.
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An open letter to the NCAA football establishment

Dear NCAA football establishment:

For the first 28 years of my life, I didn’t care much for college football. There was the occasional big game that lived up to its hype, but week-in/week-out, there were just too many 70-3 drubbings, missed 25-yard FG attempts, games with only 3 passing plays by both teams combined, and 6’7″ 300-lbs D-I five-star recruits beating the crap out of 5’7″ 160-lbs D-III walk-ons. Too many other things to do on Saturdays to waste on your “competition”.
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